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Truecolours Textiles is your specialized shop for certified organic fabrics.
We offer you a large assortment of eco-friendly and socially produced fabrics. We are convinced that organic, fair trade and naturally dyed fabrics are better in multiple dimension: better for the producers, better for the environment and better for our health.

Transparency and traceability are very important for us. We know all of our suppliers personally and can vouch for their ethical working conditions. In addition, we require all of our suppliers to have international or Indian certifications.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a frequently used word, we call it a Humanized Economy. An economy inspired by ethical and social values such as justice, solidarity, cooperation and social well-being. An economy that respects the dignity of people and puts itself at the service of humanity in order to contribute to a better, more just world.

Following these values means we produce 100% non toxic products for you without contamination of the product or the environment, manufactured in India to support the local economy. Also loyally respecting the natural and organic processes of cultivating and obtaining prime materials.

Our fabrics are made of organic and / or fair trade cotton, organic silk, handspun wool and much more. We offer fabrics by the meter and available in stock.

Inspired and want to make a conscious choice in buying fabric?
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Want to make a conscious choice in your fabric buying?


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Who we are & what we do
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